About us and what OTAVS stands for

From the turn of the century, the demand for online training courses began to rise and this increase shows no sign of diminishing. Online training courses offer ease of use and value for money creating a win/win situation for the end-user and the supplier.

  • Yet with so many online courses, how does somebody know that the courses they have chosen is accredited?
  • If a company buys ten courses for their staff, will the courses be suitable for everyone?
  • Will the content be up to date and relevant?
  • Could it offend people or will it be ethically sound with no forms of discrimination or negative stereotypes?
  • Will the training certificate be recognised?

OTAVS stands for Online Training Accreditation & Verification Service, and we were specifically set up to accredit and verify online training courses.

We don't use our own employees for the accreditation process as this could create a conflict of interest. Instead, courses are passed to independent experts who work with us and our clients, to get online training courses up to the standard required to gain the OTAVS symbol of excellence.

Key elements that our assessors look at are listed on the home page.