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eLearning is becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies and individuals. Only courses that meet our exacting standards gain the OTAVS symbol of excellence.


Our course assessors are experts in their field, and help course providers reach the level of distinction required to gain the OTAVS symbol of excellence.


Well designed and structured courses get the relevant information to a candidate in an easy to follow manner. Course content is accurate and up to date at the time of accreditation and delivery is suitable for all learners.

If a company displays the OTAVS logo...
They've earned it.

OTAVS believe that an effective online course requires far more than just content, and to gain our elearning symbol of excellence certain criteria and standards must be met.

We vet each online course extensively to ensure they meet current practices in delivery, content and relevancy, that they give a good user experience and that learner assessment is relevant to the course content. Some of the areas we assess include:

  • Have current and up to date content that meets national learning standards and follows the national curriculum where applicable.
  • Each course to have a clear objective and structured timeline.
  • Be comprehensive and cover all learning elements relevant to the course subject.
  • Have Narration that is clear and not distracted by loud or penetrating background sounds.
  • Have subtitles that are clear and on a background that provides good contrast.
  • Multimedia elements to be relevant to the course content.
  • Be suitable for all learners.
  • Have stop, pause and rewind functions for all courses.
  • Have clear presentation.
  • Be ethically sound with no forms of discrimination or negative stereotypes.
  • Have an introduction and conclusion for each course.
  • Have a section of assessment to show how the learning can be recognised.
  • Be accessible across all common media platforms.

OTAVS: It's about quality, integrity and professionalism in elearning.

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